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Experience. Efficiency. Control. Actionable Reports.

For over 25 years Ideal Software Systems has been the industry’s leading software developer.


With products that practically defined the standard, Ideal software products continue to provide innovative, powerful and efficient functionality for the Check Cashing, Payday Advance and Title Loan industries.

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With features that are unmatched, Ideal continues to provide high-end performance. From single store, localized systems to full-blown Home Office/Multi-Store networks, Ideal software products provide unmatched performance. With software written from the ground up specifically for the check/loan industry, Ideal products are fast, stable and secure. The IDEAL solution is designed to give the business owner control and flexibility in how to set up and run their business.

What it does

The Ideal Check Cashing & Payday Advance software is a powerful solution for any operation. Full-featured functionality and a wide array of additional modules make the Ideal Financial Services products unsurpassed. With unmatched flexibility, Ideal products make it possible to configure a solution that’s perfect for your operation.

What you get

  • One Screen Processing
  • On line Teletrack Inquiries*
  • Rate Export Ready
  • Payday Advance/Check Cashing Home Office System*
  • Video Capture*
  • Employee Specific Access Rights
  • Access to Other Store Data*
  • On Screen Customer & Check History
  • Multi-user/Multi-drawer Capability*
  • “Bad” Customer Warning
  • Handles Simultaneous Transactions
  • Laser Printed Checks, Contracts and Money Orders*
  • Print to Burrell Forms
  • Collections Module
  • ACH Interface*
  • Bill Pay Interface*
  • Accommodates Legal Requirements
  • Expense Tracking
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Integrated Time Clock
  • User-definable Customer Fields
  • Create Customer Mail-outs
  • Check Cashing & Payday Loans in One Package for the Price of One


This software module supports locations that require multiple workstations. With this module you may operate the Payday Loan/Check Cashing program in a “peer to peer” environment or you may also operate in a “client-server” configuration.

Video Capture

This software module allows you to capture a photo of a customer with a web cam and store it as a permanent part of the customer’s record.  The image of the customer is always visible when processing any type of transaction. Allows quick visual confirmation of a customer’s identity.

Additional Hardware required: USB web camera

Check & Document Scanning

This software module allows the customer’s check and other required documents to be scanned into the system as a permanent part of the transaction.  These items may be scanned during the transaction or after.  Checks may be scanned with available Magtek check imagers or a mini MICR reader (only captures MICR information, no image of check). Magtek devices will read and stores MICR information into system automatically, eliminating possible errors.  Documents such as customer ID, pay stub, proof of address, signed contract, etc. may be scanned into the system by use of a TWAIN compliant flatbed scanner. Check image may also be captured with flatbed scanner (no MICR information).  You decide and configure what type of documents and when you will capture them. Captured images are also available to be viewed and printed from Home Office program.


Additional Hardware required: Check Scanner and/or flatbed scanner

Collector Workstation Plus

This software module is an upgrade to our base Collector that is included in our Payday Loan/Check Cashing program.  This allows such enhancements as the ability to assign collection accounts to specific employees based on criteria that you select.  You have the ability to set visual and audio alerts to remind users of scheduled calls to be made.  The system will also track the collection performance of your staff.  When used in conjunction with Centralized Collections at Home Office, the store personnel may work a bad debt item for a set period of time and then the item may be transferred and assigned to collection personnel at your home office or outside collection agency.

State Database Interface

This software module allows interface with state databases. This eliminates the possibility of employee error and the need to enter loan information into two systems. All transactions that require updating to the state database are done in real-time with no additional actions required by your staff.

Installment Loans

This software module allows you to process installment loans.  This product will currently handle Industrial or type “B” loans.  These loan types require add-on interest.  The system calculates the amount of loan based on parameters you setup in the system and the principle entered by the user at the point of sale. The system also creates a payment schedule for the loan.  A contract is automatically printed for each new installment loan transaction and may be customized.  This may be utilized as an add-on module to the Payday Loan/Check Cashing program to allow both services to be operated out of a single cash drawer.

ACH Interface

This software module allows the interface of electronic drafts of customer bank accounts to accelerate cash flow. An account with Advantage Payment Systems is required for this module. Advantage is a third party processor for ACH transactions. Use of this module eliminates double entry of check data and eliminates the possibility of errors. The interface will communicate information regarding the electronic debit of customer’s checking account and any negative information received after an item has been submitted such as NSF or Account Closed status. The system will automatically update customer records.

The use of ACH is a tremendous tool in operating any payday loan operation. From initial deposit to collections activity, you will collect more bad debts, clear past due accounts and save on bank service charges. No payday lender should operate without it. For more information about Advantage Payment Systems visit their website or call 1-888-718-6767.

Additional Hardware required: Check Reader/Scanner
Additional Service required: Account with Advantage Payment Systems

Bill Pay

This software module allows your system to interface with TransPayment for accepting payment for any type of bill your customer has. TransPayment is a third party bill payment processor and can process virtually bill present by your customer. They accept utility bills, phone bills, credit card payments, etc.  Never turn away a customer.  An account with TransPayment is required for this module. This module will add much needed additional revenue and customer traffic to your location.  Already using another bill pay service? Consider the switch to TransPayment to save time and ensure accurate customer information is always entered into the bill payment system. Single point entry makes reconciliation of transactions almost effortless.  For more information about TransPayment services, please visit their website or call 1-866-244-6100.


Additional Services required: Account with TransPayment


This software module allows your system to interface with Teletrack for new customers and/or new loans. An account with Teletrack is required for this module. With the click of your mouse your system will communicate the customer information to Teletrack’s database and bring a response to you regarding the customer’s status in just a few seconds. This module will save you time and ensure accurate customer information is always entered into Teletrack’s database. For more information about Teletrack services, please visit their website or call 1-800-729-6981.

Additional Services required: Account with Teletrack

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