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Versirent Rent To Own


A POS solution is only as good as the employees running it. So doesn’t it make sense to choose one that gives your employees the most user-friendly experience?


VersiRent’s rent to own software is specifically designed for ease of use at the store level, new employees feel comfortable with the POS system right from the start. They learn VersiRent quickly, are up-to-speed faster and your store reaps the benefits sooner. In addition, Ideal is highly regarded by clients for their strong 24/7 technical support department which answers over 96% of all support calls with a live expert.


VersiRent features comprehensive inventory management, point-of-sale functionality, customer account maintenance features and plenty of easy-to-understand reporting functions. Both industry-specific and functionally robust, VersiRent makes it simple for store-level employees to organize operations, decrease losses, increase store profits and focus on growing accounts.


VersiRent is fully scalable, from a single store, to a small number of stores, to an enterprise-level environment involving hundreds of stores. This means that you can easily perform tasks like taking payments for other stores (and vice versa).

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VersiRent RTO software also offers a Home Office to maintain company-wide inventory, consolidate reporting and accounting interface. The program coordinates offsite management of multiple locations, monitors store and individual employee performance, and helps decrease shrinkage and safeguard corporate earnings. Each store’s data is maintained in a local database, thereby increasing speed and allowing that store to keep on doing business, even if the connection to the Internet is lost. All local transactions are also constantly streamed through the Internet to the corporate server, thereby backing up your local data and allowing corporate office staff to work with enterprise-wide data in near-real-time.

Tag Printing

Tag Printing

Do your price tags need a face lift?  Ideal’s Tag Printing Module may be the answer.  This Windows based program will allow you to print professional price tags for a single item, a department, or and entire store with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Once you design your template, printing tags for any product is a breeze.  The program will automatically pull all of the product information such as pricing, brand, serial number, etc. from the VersiRent program.  You can even print a barcode on the price tag to use with a scanner when conducting a physical inventory.

What you get

Inventory Specific – Designed for RTO stores by Rent-To-Own professionals!

Quick and Easy to Use – VersiRent multi-tasks to create RTO agreements, update inventory, revise customer history, and post income transactions…all in just a few keystrokes!

Easy to Learn – Employees learn VersiRent quickly, and you’re reaping the benefits sooner

Comprehensive & Accurate Inventory Management – Eliminates waste for increased profitability!

Multiple Transaction Types – VersiRent supports rentals, retail sales, layaways, and retail installment financing. It even allows you to pre-sell new or out of stock items!Detailed Customer Information – VersiRent captures detailed customer contact and demographic data (including customer photos), plus maintains accurate customer purchasing histories for targeted marketing!

Interactive Account Maintenance – VersiRent maintains detailed payment histories, delinquencies, finance charges, late fees, and NSF checks for easier debt recovery!

Interactive Account Maintenance – VersiRent maintains detailed payment histories, delinquencies, finance charges, late fees, and NSF checks for easier debt recovery!

Detailed Accurate Reporting – VersiRent generates over 100 detailed, easy-to-understand, and up-to-date reports resulting in lower inventory levels, lower delinquencies, and greater profit margins.

Flexibility – Over 300 company-specific system parameter settings allow you to choose how you operate your business.

Customizable Reports – VersiRent is 100% ODBC compatible allowing you to manipulate data and create custom reports using programs such as Crystal Reports!

Unmatched Security – Store parameter settings give owners maximum control to allow or restrict employees’ access to over 100 different functions!

Low Cost – VersiRent operates on industry-standard off the shelf Windows-compatible operating systems with minimal hardware requirements and lower maintenance expenses

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