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Ideal Support….the backbone of our products 2man-woman-jpg-crop_display

The true test of any system provider lies in the quality of their after-sale support. Since 1983, we have pledged to provide a level of quality and responsiveness that is unmatched in the industries we serve. The bottom line is that we need to be there when you need us… and we are. In fact, we stake our reputation on it everyday. We value that our clients are part of our team, working with us to provide the exact system needed to operate their business.

Core components of the Ideal Client Support include:

  • Live Support Center operating 24/7
  • Automatic call escalation to ensure prompt response to all support calls
  • Widespread service department, including a large team of Ideal Certified Technicians™(ICT), Service Administrators, and Support and Development Directors

All Ideal Certified Technicians undergo extensive product certification and receive on-going diagnostic training. Technicians are grouped into Technical Teams that specialize in application specific issues. A Lead Technician from within each group functions as an additional point of contact and manages cross over issues between Support and Development Services.

Support Line for FEC Support (601) 703-0165 (Family Entertainment)

Support Line for FSD Support (601) 703-0324 (RTO, Payday Loans)